Kause Barbie

This photo has often been presented as that of Klaus Barbie in the middle of his comrades, for example by Serge Klarsfeld. But there is a doubt about the identity of the person pictured here resembles the character, certainly. But no one knows where, when or with whom this picture was taken … An expert ensures that the character # 6 is Chief Warrant Officer Feldgendarmerie (Wehrmacht). It covers the left side of his jacket (model 1935) Patent sports badge. The expert thinks, from the uniforms that the photo was taken at the end of 1942. There is no sign or SD SS.

Klaus Barbie at the beginning of his trial.

A few days later, not supporting all the evidence accumulated against him, he refused to come to the hearing

Photo published in Le Matin,
May 15, 1987


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  1. Sandra Kleinschmit says :

    Thank you he is “One Mysteries Man.”

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