Paws to remember those who serve

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military-working-dogMy uncle served in Korea. My husband’s father served in World War II. My grandmother’s brother served in WWII in England. My father, still alive, served in the Air Force. If he’d stayed in, he’d have gone to Vietnam. My brother served in the Navy and his daughter is serving now. I pray she doesn’t get deployed to a combat zone.

I know all of these people, except my father-in-law. I hear he would have liked me and I him.

But I didn’t know that there are unsung heroes of a different kind.

War dogs–canines who serve along with our soldiers, sailors, airmen (isn’t there a gender neutral term for those who protect the wild blue yonder) and Marines. They serve loyally, of course, and don’t have it great once their tour is over. My blog friend, Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge, puts is much more eloquently. Read his post

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