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Turn 2

Well as luck would have it Initiative falls to the Germans, on a 5v4 roll! In the last turn the Aliies took 9 step losses and the Germans 4.

In the North the Germans begin by trying to clear some obstructions for supply for trace for units way west near the coast that are attempting to connect with the 7th FJ, and block Allied relief forces.

The 7th and 22nd begin moving about. The necessities to clear Weert of the supply inhibiting Dutch force the Germans to use 3x 88 Air strikes. This is the entire allotment for the turn. It is then that the   Germans see a means force a surrender roll!

By moving thru the destroyed Fortress at Dordrecht they can place Armoured Cars and Arty next to Den Haag and Rotterdam! 3rd Panzer already fueled races along the lowlands, we can…

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