World War II, Chapter 45, Knee Deep


World War II

Knee Deep

Chapter 45

According to the Various Stations and Areas Occupied by the 35th Quartermaster document Marvin Cain’s family provided me, Dad’s Division arrived in Cornwall, England on 26 May 1944 and remained there 42 days until July 9th. They received further training while there.  According to the Combat Chronicle for the 35th Infantry on Wikipedia;

The 35th Infantry entered combat 11 July, fighting in the Normandy hedgerows, north of Saint-Lô. The Division beat off 12 German counterattacks at Emelie before entering Saint-Lô, 18 July. After mopping up in the Saint-Lô area, it took part in the offensive action southwest of Saint-Lô, pushing the Germans across the Vire River,

Once again Dad’s division was not the Infantry but his division was attached to the 35th Infantry overseas driving soldiers, supplies and ammunition for the Infantry.

19 June 1944, Cornwall…

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