Help fund release of rare WW II footage by Sam Fuller

Independent Ethos

This year would have marked Samuel Fuller’s 100th birthday. Often refered to as a “maverick” filmmaker, Fuller earned the reference as one of those standout directors who found his unique vision even in Hays Code-era Hollywood. Before independently-minded filmmakers tested the strict control of sex, drugs, violence and even morality in movies in the late sixties (Straw Dogs, Bonnie and Clyde, Easy Rider, etc.), Fuller was testing the limits within the system. In the early sixties, he directed a couple of noirish films seemingly fueled by sex and violence, the Naked Kissand Shock Corridor, that proved him an irrepressible visionary.

His best known achievement arrived with the Big Red Onein 1980, about the US involvement in World War II. Like John Ford before him, having been on the front lines as a filmographer certainly shaped Fuller. There are not many directors today who treat violence…

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