Who voted for the Nazi’s in Germany

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In 1928, the Nazi-party got less than 3 per cent of the votes in Germany. In 1933, Hitler got 43 per cent of the votes in the city of Munich.

Since this topic was raised by a Roman Catholic commenter, I took a deeper look into the matter.

Who were the Germans who voted for the Nazi-party? Were they Protestants, or were their mainly Roman Catholic?

This question is interesting because Germany the Roman Catholics and Protestant is an equally large group with 34 per cent of the population each.

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) won the election in Germany in 1928 with 29,8 per cent of the votes.

The party had its power base in Northern and central Germany, mostly populated with Lutheran Christians. In the Catholic west and south, the voters chose the Bayerische Volkspartei (BVP) or the Centrum Party.

When the World economy cracked in 1929, it…

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