moules marinières (mussels in a creamy white wine sauce)

Cibus Amare

The dish I was really inspired to make after my French excursion was ‘moules marinères‘. I had never had mussels before, but when my friend ordered them, I was instantly jealous. Though there was subsequently no hesitation to order them as part of a Fruits De Mer linguine over the next couple of days, I still longed for a big bowl piled high with glistening black mussels, resting in a creamy, garlicky sauce.  As I said, I have never really been interested in sampling fish past the traditional battered type that arrives with chips, and as a consequence, my skills somewhat reflect that limited fish repertoire – I have little idea what I’m doing when it comes to seafood. But it turns out, that despite how impressively posh ‘moules marinères‘ looks and sounds, the cooking is relatively easy, and the results are unbeatable.

A lot of…

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