Chocolate: You Can’t Survive Without It

Gourmet Boutique Tasting Room

By: Alexandra Koktsidis

We know some of you chocolate lovers out there are thinking, well of course, who can’t survive without chocolate?

But in all seriousness, there’s a history to the claim. Imagine being stuck on a lifeboat at sea. According to the officers of the United States Merchant Marines, the top items of importance for your survival – that is, until rescue, include: water, shark repellant, a shaving mirror, a fishing net and 2 boxes of chocolate. Who could have guessed?

Not only is chocolate a lifeboat ration: it finds a place in Air Craft rations, P.O.W. packages, and in the emergency survival kits of the Army, Navy, and Marines Corps.

The history of chocolate rations dates back to 1937, when U.S Army General Paul Logan, Hershey Company President William Murrie, and Hershey Chief Chemist Sam Hinkle set out to create a chocolate bar that would give soldiers the…

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