World War II, chapter 23 Barracks Bags


World War II

Barracks Bags

Chapter 23

Our last chapter found Dad at Camp Rucker in Alabama. He is still there training to go overseas. In each of the letters in the last chapter he is apologizing for the fight he got into thinking my mom did not like him any longer because he did not receive any letters from her for a week. He kind of jumped to conclusions and told her to send the ring back. It is nice to see at least he is not saying he is sorry in each letter now.

5 November 1943

Dearest Vi, Gosh I celebrated double today. Besides getting back to camp I got two letters from you. And was I ever glad. Gee Honey it is so nice getting them. Also the one from Mom was swell, I’ll answer it before long. How many stripped kitties will it take to…

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